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HEALS members are encouraged to actively participate in a variety of Standing Committees and Technical Committees as listed below.  All committees are open to not only professional members, but also student members, so that students have a chance to participate in steering this society, and this society can better serve the student population.  The committees typically meet twice a year by conference call, or more often through electronic media as needed. Members serve one-year terms.  Only HEALS members are qualified to serve on the committees.  See Membership.  


Standing Committees


  • Awards Committee - The Awards Committee formulates general policies and selects the recipients of the awards and honors administered by HEALS.

  • Certification Committee - The Certification Committee directs HEALS certification program by developing course materials for different concentration areas, testing criteria, testing procedure, and re-certification procedure.

  • Conference Committee - The Conferences Committee is responsible for overseeing the peer-reviewed technical meetings of the Society. 

  • Continuing Education Committee - The Continuing Education Committee directs the HEALS continuing education program by developing a variety of online and onsite courses aiming at keeping Healthcare professionals abreast of advances in Engineering and Technology in Healthcare and Medicine as well as the needs of the marketplace.

  • International & Interdisciplinary Alliance Committee - The International & Interdisciplinary Alliance Committee develops collaborative relationship with other Engineering and Healthcare organizations all over the world. The committee members serve as liaison officers between HEALS and those organizations to communicate and coordinate mutually beneficial joint activities. The International & Interdisciplinary Alliance Committee includes the following two subcommittees:

    • Engineering Alliance Subcommittee – The Engineering Alliance Subcommittee is responsible for bridging the gaps among the Healthcare/Biomedical-related sectors of different Engineering disciplines, by developing collaborative relationship with various Engineering professional organizations worldwide.  The goal is to promote interdisciplinary communication and collaboration in Healthcare Engineering not only among these Engineering organizations, but also between these Engineering organizations and Healthcare organizations.

    • Healthcare Alliance Subcommittee – The Healthcare Alliance Subcommittee is responsible for bridging the gaps among the Engineering/Technology-related sectors of different Healthcare/Medical disciplines, by developing collaborative relationship with various Healthcare/Medical professional organizations worldwide. The goal is to promote interdisciplinary communication and collaboration in Healthcare Engineering not only among these Healthcare organizations, but also between these Healthcare organizations and Engineering organizations.

  • Membership Committee - The Membership Committee recommends ways to attract potentially qualified applicants to membership in HEALS.

  • Fund Raising & Sponsorship Committee - The goal of the Fund Raising & Sponsorship Committee is to raise funds for this non-profit society through soliciting donations and sponsorship. 

  • Scholarship Committee - The Scholarship Committee is charged with coordinating application, reviewing and selecting recipients, promoting the scholarships, and fund raising. 

  • Program Committee - The Program Committee is responsible for organizing and conducting HEALS's annual meetings, workshops, symposiums as well as coordinating with other organizations in respect to joint events.

  • Student Chapters Committee - The Student Chapters Committee provides assistance to establish student chapters on university campuses worldwide, and coordinates and supervises their activities. 

  • Students Education & Internship Committee - The goal of the Students Education & Internship Committee is to develop strategies, curricula, and internship opportunities to better educate and train (a) Engineering students for a career in Healthcare, and (b) Healthcare students to solve Engineering problems in Healthcare.  (Educational affairs related to Healthcare professionals are handled by the Continuing Education Committee.)

  • Women & Minority Engineers Committee - The Women & Minority Engineers Committee provides leadership and develops strategies to promote the entry, participation, and success of women and minorities in the Healthcare Engineering profession.




Technical Committees


We host Technical Committees on all topics covered in Healthcare Engineering (see table below).  These committees are responsible for:

  • preparing the Healthcare Engineering Handbook chapters,

  • developing testing materials for certification in its specific technical area,

  • developing continuing education materials in its specific technical area,

  • organizing and hosting technical programs (paper sessions, symposia, workshop, etc.) in its specific area for HEALS meetings,

  • evaluating the need for standards, and

  • advising the Society on all aspects of its specific technical area.


The Technical Committees consist of professionals who have a recognized proficiency in a specific field of interest.  We welcome new members to join our Technical Committees.  Feel free to contact us to volunteer or nominate for committee positions, or propose organization of new committees in response to new technology trends. 

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Qualified volunteers are invited to participate in all aspects of HEALS society affairs including cerification and continuing education curricula development, conference and event organization, committee service, etc. If you are interested in participating or have any suggestion, please contact us.

A. Engineering for Medicine Division

Biomechanics Group:

Clinical Biomechanics Committee

Micro- & Nano-biomechanics Committee

Occupational Biomechanics Committee

Biomaterials Committee

Biomedical Instruments Committee

Medical Devices Committee

Engineering for Surgery Committee

Medical Imaging Committee

Organ Transplantation Committee

Artificial Organs Committee

Drug Delivery Committee

Genetic Engineering Committee

Engineering for Diagnosis Committee

Engineering for Disease Management Group:

Cardiovascular Disease Committee

Cancer Committee

Diabetes Committee

Alzheimer's Disease Committee

Obesity Committee

Health Informatics Committee

Disinfection Engineering Committee


B. Engineering for Healthcare Practice Division

Patient Safety Committee

Critical Care Committee

Home Healthcare Committee

Elderly Care Committee

Disaster Management Committee


C. Healthcare Systems Division

Healthcare System Management & Improvement Committee

Healthcare Information Systems Group:

Electronic Health Record Committee

E-Health Committee

M-Health Committee

Telemedicine Committee

Wireless Technology Committee

Healthcare Facilities Group:

Healthcare Infrastructure Committee

Healthcare Energy Systems Committee

Healthcare Green Design Committee


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