Healthcare problem, 

engineering solution.

Engineering breakthrough, 

healthcare advancement.

Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society (HEALS) is a global, non-profit organization focusing on improving and advancing all aspects of healthcare through engineering approaches. 

Healthcare Engineering covers engineering involved in all aspects of healthcare (see details). The two major areas of Healthcare Engineering are Engineering for Healthcare Intervention and Engineering for Healthcare Systems. See topics and Synergy of Engineering and Health Sciences.

See our Vision, Mission, and Goals and Services.

We provide the following services to our members and the Healthcare Engineering community:

  • Medical Device NetThe most powerful and user-friendly search engine that covers every medical device cleared/approved by FDA, and connects buyers/users to manufacturers. 

  • Job search - HEALS provides a job search platform that matches job seekers with healthcare engineering job opportunities, where job seekers can submit qualifications and job preferences, and healthcare industry employers can post job opportunities.

  • Short courses - The goal is to prepare engineers and students from all engineering disciplines for engineering jobs in healthcare, to prepare healthcare professionals for extending their specialties to Healthcare Engineering, and to help healthcare engineers and professionals to update and further enhance their professional competence.  

  • Certificates HEALS promotes the Healthcare Engineering profession through offering the certificate program to help engineers and healthcare professionals expand career opportunities from Engineering to Healthcare or vice versa, and gain cutting-edge knowledge, skills and tools in Healthcare Engineering.

  • Internship - HEALS provides an internship clearinghouse aiming to match student interns with healthcare employers.