Virtual Medical Device Trade Show

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Anesthesiology Devices

CCK - Analyzer, Gas, Carbon-Dioxide, Gaseous-Phase

DQA - Oximeter

Cardiovascular Devices

DQX - Wire, Guide, Catheter

DQY - Catheter, Percutaneous

DXN - System, Measurement, Blood-Pressure, Non-Invasive

Chemistry Devices

JJY - Multi-Analyte Controls, All Kinds (Assayed)

Dental Devices

DZE - Implant, Endosseous, Root-Form

EBF - Material, Tooth Shade, Resin

Ear, Nose, and Throat Devices

ESD - Hearing Aid, Air Conduction

Gastroenterology and Urology Devices

KNT - Tubes, Gastrointestinal (And Accessories)Tubes, Gastrointestinal (And Accessories)

General and Plastic Surgery Devices

FRO - Dressing, Wound, Drug
GCJ - Laparoscope, General & Plastic Surgery

GEI - Electrosurgical, Cutting & Coagulation & Accessories
GEX - Powered Laser Surgical Instrument

General Hospital and Personal Use Devices

FMF - Syringe, Piston

FPA - Set, Administration, Intravascular

FRN - Pump, Infusion

LZA - Polymer Patient Examination Glove

LYY - Latex Patient Examination Glove

LYZ- Vinyl Patient Examination Glove

FLL - Thermometer, Electronic, Clinical

Hematology Devices

Immunology Devices

Microbiology Devices

JWY - Manual Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Systems

Neurology Devices

GZJ - Stimulator, Nerve, Transcutaneous, For Pain Relief

Obstetrical and Gynecological Devices

HET - Laparoscope, Gynecologic (And Accessories)

Ophthalmic Devices

HQC - Unit, Phacofragmentation

Orthopedic Devices

HRS - Plate, Fixation, Bone

HRX - Arthroscope

HWC - Screw, Fixation, Bone

JWH - Prosthesis, Knee, Patellofemorotibial, Semi-Constrained, Cemented, Polymer/Metal/Polymer

MAX - Intervertebral Fusion Device With Bone Graft, Lumbar

NKB - Thoracolumbosacral Pedicle Screw System

Pathology Devices

Physical Medicine Devices

IPF - Stimulator, Muscle, Powered

Radiology Devices

IYE - Accelerator, Linear, Medical

IYN - System, Imaging, Pulsed Doppler, Ultrasonic

IYO - System, Imaging, Pulsed Echo, Ultrasonic

JAK - System, X-Ray, Tomography, Computed

LLZ - System, Image Processing, Radiological

LNH - System, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Toxicology Devices

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