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Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society (HEALS) is a global, non-profit organization focusing on improving and advancing all aspects of healthcare through engineering approaches. 

Healthcare Engineering covers engineering involved in all aspects of healthcare (see details). The two major areas of Healthcare Engineering are Engineering for Healthcare Intervention and Engineering for Healthcare Systems. See topics and Synergy of Engineering and Health Sciences.

By forging an alliance of engineering organizations, healthcare organizations, healthcare industry, and government, we serve as a force:

(a) to bridge the gap between healthcare and engineering,

(b) to provide a vehicle for the exchange of advanced knowledge, emerging

      technologies and innovative ideas among healthcare professionals, engineers,

      researchers, managers and consultants in industry, academia, and government,

(c) to prepare engineers and students for jobs in healthcare, 

(d) to train healthcare professionals and students to apply engineering to healthcare, and 

(e) to serve Healthcare Engineering professionals (including both engineers working in healthcare and healthcare professionals practicing engineering) around the world.  


See our Vision, Mission, and Goals and Services.


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