HEALS promotes the Healthcare Engineering profession through offering the certificate program to help engineers and healthcare professionals in terms of the following:

  • expanding career opportunities from engineering to healthcare or vice versa,

  • gaining cutting-edge knowledge, skills and tools in Healthcare Engineering with validation,

  • demonstrating one's commitment to continuing professional development in Healthcare Engineering, and

  • distinguishing oneself in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Who Should Participate

The HEALS certification programs are designed to meet the growing demand for healthcare engineering professionals by targeting the following groups:

(a) engineers and students from all engineering disciplines such as Biological, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Information, Materials, Mechanical, Software, and Systems Engineering, who are interested in serving the healthcare industry,

(b) healthcare professionals such as physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, health scientists and students who are interested in extending their specialties to Healthcare Engineering, and 

(c) engineers and healthcare professionals who already have years of experience working in the healthcare industry and are interested in updating and further enhancing their professional competence.  


The HEALS Certificate Program offers two types of certificates; both require completing the independent-study short courses as outlined in the Short Courses section

General Healthcare Engineering Certificate - Certificate of general professional expertise in Healthcare Engineering, awarded for completing 5 independent-study short courses on any topics listed in our Subjects section as well as other topics subject to the approval of HEALS.

Healthcare Engineering Specialty Certificate - Certificate of expertise in a certain specialty topic of Healthcare Engineering, awarded for completing 5 independent-study short courses on one of specialty topics listed in our Subjects section as well as other topics subject to the approval of HEALS.


- Inspiring engineering minds to advance human health

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