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Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu

Professor, Founding President

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Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu, PhD, PE


Dr. Chyu has been a pioneer in the field of healthcare engineering and was one of the early advocates for applying engineering practices to efforts to enhance the delivery of healthcare.  

-James P. Bagian, MD, PE, US National Academy of Medicine, US National Academy of Engineering, former NASA Astronaut



Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu is the founding president of the Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society (HEALS), a global organization established in 2016 that works to advance healthcare through engineering and to promote collaborative and innovative exchanges between engineering and healthcare. This society also prepares engineering students for occupations in the healthcare industry and helps practicing engineering professionals to advance their careers in healthcare.



Engineering has been playing a crucial role in serving healthcare and bringing about revolutionary advances in healthcare. As its name implies, healthcare engineering encompasses engineering involved in all aspects of healthcare. Dr. Chyu, supported by 40 expert co-authors from around the world, was the first to define this field in a milestone whitepaper and on the current Wikipedia profile. Dr. Chyu’s definition and contributions continue to serve as the cornerstone for the development of this unique and groundbreaking sector.



Dr. Chyu is a tenured professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and an adjunct professor in the School of Medicine at Texas Tech University, also a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American College of Healthcare Trustees. He has conducted research funded by the National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as national laboratories, professional societies, state governments, and private foundations. He has participated in superconductor research at Argonne National Laboratory, the design of the International Space Station at NASA Johnson Space Center and served as a consultant for nuclear energy research at Sandia National Laboratories. Dr. Chyu has served on a number of national-level technical committees such as the chair of the Superconductivity Technical Committee in the Advanced Energy Systems Division of ASME. He has authored 200 technical publications on engineering and healthcare. His tireless dedication to the advancement of engineering and education has earned him numerous awards, including Outstanding Researcher, Award of Excellence, Best Paper, Most Useful Paper, Excellence in Teaching, Professor of the Year, Most Influential Faculty Member, and Distinguished Achievement.​


Dr. Chyu may have already secured a historical position in the development of healthcare engineering.  

-Fazle Hussain, PhD, US National Academy of Engineering, The World Academy of Science

Dr. Chyu has been in the field of healthcare engineering for more than 15 years, where he has founded numerous organizations, programs, and platforms to bridge healthcare and engineering, advancing not only his own career, but those of leading professionals from both sectors. He has made a major impact on the healthcare/medical community through such innovations as a platform that allows healthcare professionals, engineers, researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and companies to collaborate on projects and develop new medical devices and technologies. The platform features a list of technical projects that address unmet needs in patient care, mostly originated from clinicians and medical device/technology companies seeking collaborations on the design, prototyping, testing, clinical trial, regulation, FDA clearance/approval, manufacture, capital funding, etc. This platform also provides excellent opportunities for engineering students to work with clinicians and companies on real-world healthcare projects. As a powerful tool for the invention and development of new medical devices, Dr. Chyu established a comprehensive, user-friendly medical device platform that provides systematic state-of-the-technology information for all medical devices (currently over 210,000), including the most recent, cleared/approved by FDA.

As a major contribution to help train engineering students for occupations in healthcare, Dr. Chyu founded a program that invites medical doctors with expertise in healthcare engineering and medical technology innovation, particularly those few MDs with engineering degrees, to deliver lectures to engineering students, with a focus on healthcare issues and problems that need engineering solutions to directly improve patient outcomes. Also invited as guest speakers are engineering leaders from the healthcare industry, particularly the medical device/technology sector, as well as medical school professors with degree(s) in engineering. These experts with dual expertise turn out to be most effective in teaching healthcare engineering to engineering students.

Also, in preparing engineering students for jobs in healthcare, Dr. Chyu developed a healthcare engineering certificate program featuring the innovative Cutting-Edge Courses Customized (CeCoCu), which allows individuals to determine the course topic, objectives, and scope of their learning, based on their own backgrounds, interests, career strategies, and market opportunities. He works with healthcare engineering professionals and industrial leaders on how to better train engineering students for healthcare jobs and helps university professors and administrators improve their curricula. Dr. Chyu is also the founder of one of the first graduate healthcare engineering degree programs in the world (2009, Texas Tech University), as well as one of the first programs that help engineers and engineering students to find jobs and internship opportunities in the healthcare industry and for healthcare industry employers to recruit qualified engineers and engineering students. The Healthcare Engineering Mentoring Program (HEMP) he founded is a platform where healthcare engineering professionals and leaders volunteer to share their knowledge, skills and experience to help engineering students prepare for occupations in the healthcare/medical technology industry, and to help young healthcare engineers thrive.


Dr. Chyu is the founding editor-in-chief of the Journal of Healthcare Engineering, one of the first journals to publish scientific articles on collaborative research in this field focusing on impact on patient outcomes. Ming also introduced the Healthcare Engineering Online Communities that provide updated information about more than 500 topics from artificial intelligence to 3D printing for surgery, engineering for cancer diagnosis, and nanomedicine.



Dr. Chyu shares, “I am lucky to have married my wife, Professor Chwan-Li (Leslie) Shen, Texas Tech University School of Medicine. I learned so much from her about unmet needs facing healthcare professionals, which motivated me to develop innovative approaches and platforms to address those issues. I also thank all HEALS members and followers worldwide, healthcare industry, government (FDA and NIH in particular), and Texas Tech University for the supports of pursuit of my passion for all these years. It was an incredible journey from “not sure about what I am doing” to exciting connection with more and more people sharing the same passion and being able to help people with different needs on a daily basis. That is the major impetus that drives me moving down this road every day with great enjoyment.”




Ming-Chien Chyu, Ph.D., PE

Professor, Texas Tech University

Founding President, Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society





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