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Founding President &

Executive Director


Prof. Ming-Chien Chyu, PhD, PE

Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Chyu has been dedicated to promoting collaboration between engineering and healthcare, and has been recognized as a (or the) pioneer in Healthcare Engineering, the “Father of Healthcare Engineering”, or a world's leader in engineering, technologyhealthcare, and education by 20 US-based global magazines. He is the Founding President of the Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society (HEALS), a global organization focusing on improving and advancing all aspects of healthcare through engineering, bridging the gap and synergizing healthcare and engineering, preparing engineering students and engineers for jobs in healthcare, and helping healthcare professionals apply engineering to solve healthcare problems. He led 40 expert co-authors worldwide to first define Healthcare Engineering in a milestone white paper (2015) and also on He was the founder and Founding Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Healthcare Engineering. He is also the founder of a comprehensive (220,000+ devices from 34,000+ manufacturers at present) and user-friendly free medical device platform for all medical devices approved/cleared by FDA; a platform that helps physicians collaborate with engineers, researchers, companies and investors to develop/commercialize medical devices; a platform that helps professors worldwide teach healthcare engineering; an innovative platform for short courses in healthcare engineering; a healthcare engineering certificate program; the only website dedicated to engineering jobs in healthcare; a mentoring program where healthcare engineering professionals and leaders volunteer to help engineering students and young engineers succeed in the healthcare/medical technology industry; and healthcare engineering online communities that serve as one of the most comprehensive and updated information powerhouses covering nearly 500 technical topics in healthcare engineering. He was the founder of the healthcare engineering graduate program at Texas Tech University, one of the first such programs established in the world.

Dr. Chyu has conducted research funded by National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, US Department of Energy, US Department of Agriculture, national laboratories, professional societies, state government, private foundations, and industry. He participated in superconductor research at Argonne National Laboratory, design of International Space Station at NASA Johnson Space Center, and nuclear energy research at Sandia National Laboratories. He served on a number of technical committees in American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), including the Chair of the Superconductivity Technical Committee in the Advanced Energy Systems Division of ASME. He has published 200 technical publications including 140 archival journal papers in engineering and healthcare. His research activities cover a wide spectrum of specialties from epilepsy to cancer detection to surgery, from bone to joint to muscle biomechanics, from biophysical stimulations to dietary supplements for intervention, from mathematical analysis to model simulation to experiment, from laboratory to animal to human studies.

Dr. Chyu is a Fellow of ASME, and a Fellow of American College of Healthcare Trustees, and has received 38 honors/awards, including those from 20 US-based global professional magazines (14 cover stories), such as ​"The Most Influential Leaders Across the Globe 2023”, "World’s 10 Most Influential Engineering and Technology Leaders in 2023", ​"Impact Pioneer Award", "Transdisciplinary Innovation Award", "Thought Leadership Award", "Most Influential Leaders in Engineering & Technology USA", “Most Visionary Education Leaders in the US”, "World's Visionary Leaders Making a Difference – 2022”, “Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs”, “Transformational Business Leaders of the Year”, “Best Inspiring Leaders of the Year 2022”, “Most Visionary Education Leaders”, “30 Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2022”, and “Innovation Excellence Award”. It is unusual for Dr. Chyu as an engineering professor to have won the following prestigious awards in Healthcare from five global professional magazines: "Technology for Human Health Award", "World's Most Influential Leaders Making an Impact in Healthcare, 2023", "Most Influential Leaders in Healthcare in the US – 2022", "10 Most Innovative Healthcare Leaders to Watch in the World - 2022", and "Top 10 Eminent Leaders in the US Healthcare Industry 2023”. The Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society he established has received a "Global Excellence Award" and has been recognized as one of the “Most Influential Companies & Organizations of the Year” (2022). Other awards he has received include “Outstanding Researcher”, “Award of Excellence”, “Best Paper”, “Most Useful Paper”, “Excellence in Teaching”, “Professor of the Year”, “Most Influential Faculty Member”, and “Distinguished Achievement” from government, professional societies, foundations, industry, university, and student organization.

Magzines begin

​"The Most Influential Leaders Across the Globe"

The Business Fame

(cover story)

"​His visionary work has earned him global recognition as a pioneer in Healthcare Engineering, often revered as the 'Father of Healthcare Engineering'". Read more.

Cover -World's 10 most influ eng leaders.png

"World’s 10 Most Influential Engineering and Technology Leaders in 2023"

World's Leaders Magazine

(cover story)

"The legacy of Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu is one of innovative thinking, leadership, and steadfast commitment to advancing healthcare via engineering. Read more.


"Impactful Pioneer Award"

Enterprise World Magazine

(cover story)

"With a career characterized by innovation and dedication, Chyu has left an indelible mark on the field. His groundbreaking work and visionary thinking have not only advanced the boundaries of healthcare technology but have also significantly improved patient care.”. Read more.

Eminence Cover.jpg

​"Top 10 Eminent Leaders in the US Healthcare Industry 2023"


(cover story)

"Dr. Chyu's contributions to the field of Healthcare Engineering have not only earned him several prestigious awards and recognitions but also impacted directly and indirectly the lives of millions of people." Read more.


​"Most Visionary Education Leaders in the US"

The Enterprise World Magazine (cover story)

"Dr. Chyu is one of very few educators who have demonstrated a record of taking on the challenge to break the boundaries and make contributions with widespread, profound, and long-lasting impacts on a very important area outside their own specialty." Read more.


​"Most Influential Leaders in
Engineering & Technology USA"

The Chief's Digest

(cover story)

"Dr. Chyu's journey has been characterized by a passion for helping people and finding innovative ways to address unmet needs in the healthcare industry." Read more.

Ming-Chien Chyu_Web.jpg

​"World's Visionary Leaders Making a Difference"

World's Leaders Magazine

(cover story)

"His seminal works have served and will continue to serve as the cornerstone for the development of Healthcare Engineering as a field of specialty for years to come." Read more.

Thought Leader Award.PNG

​"Thought Leadership Award"

The CEO Views

"Dr. Chyu has a relentless pursuit of staying ahead of the curve and reshaping the industry by applying engineering practices across different realms of healthcare." Read more.


​"Most Influential Leaders in Healthcare in the US - 2022"

CIO Today (cover story)

“It would not be a stretch to call him the rightful Father of Healthcare Engineering as he has done more for the field in the last 15 years than anyone has in a lifetime.” Read more.


"Innovation Excellence Award"

Success Knocks Magazine

"The team will keep reaching out and talking to healthcare and engineering authorities with a clear vision to develop fresh ideas to revolutionize Healthcare Engineering and better serve the healthcare community through engineering." Read more.

Future Education Cover (2).jpg

​"The Most Visionary Education Leaders"

Future Education Magazine

(cover story)

“Dr. Chyu began his quest to prepare engineering students and engineers for positions in healthcare and assist healthcare professionals apply engineering to address healthcare problems in an effort to bridge the gap between engineering and healthcare.” Read more.

Cover Photo.jpeg

​"10 Most Innovative Healthcare Leaders to Watch in the World 2022"

Corporate Leaders Magazine

(cover story)


Cover Page.jpg

"Transformational Business Leaders of the Year"

EXELEON Magazine

(cover story)

"Dr. Chyu spearheads over 15,000 members and followers, in a quest to bridge the gap between healthcare and engineering, advancing the industry, and promoting collaborative and innovative exchanges between the two domains." Read more.

1st page.PNG

"The Best Inspiring Leaders of the Year"

CIO Bulletin

​​“Impacting healthcare and engineering professionals, students, and the industry through tireless work and unmatched dedication”   Read more.



"Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs"

The Top 100 Magazine 

(cover story)

"a major impact on the healthcare/medical community"   Read more.


​"Most Influential Companies & Organizations of the Year"

CIO Bulletin

“Improving and advancing all aspects of healthcare through engineering approaches and methods.” Read more.

30 most inspiring.jpg

"30 Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch in the US"

The Silicon Review

“significant contributions to helping engineering students and young engineers succeed in the healthcare industry, and helping the healthcare industry recruit qualified engineers.”   Read more.

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