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Top 100 Magazine

"Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs"

The Top 100 Magazine (cover story)

  • “He has made a major impact on the healthcare/medical community….”

  • “a major contribution to help train engineering students for occupations in healthcare”

  • “Dr. Chyu is leading over 15,000 experts to promote innovative exchanges and collaborations between engineering and healthcare and to advance healthcare through engineering worldwide.”

"Impactful Pioneer Award"

Enterprise World Magazine (cover story)

Impact Pioneer Awd
  • Ming-Chien Chyu stands as an influential pioneer on the cutting edge of healthcare engineering.

  • With a career characterized by innovation and dedication, Chyu has left an indelible mark on the field.

  • His groundbreaking work and visionary thinking have not only advanced the boundaries of healthcare technology but have also significantly improved patient care. 

Technology for Human Health

"Technology for Human Health Award"

The Silicon Leaders (cover story)

  • “He not only bridges gaps between healthcare and engineering, but also between academia and industry.”

  • "Dr. Chyu has paved the way for a future where healthcare and engineering seamlessly intersect."

  • "The impact of his work is profound and far-reaching, setting the stage for the future of healthcare, creating a lasting legacy that truly deserves this prestigious award."

  • "His programs and platforms not only advance healthcare through engineering but also facilitate collaboration across diverse engineering disciplines, promoting a comprehensive approach to healthcare engineering".

  • "Dr. Chyu's visionary leadership, innovative platforms and educational initiatives have significantly contributed to the evolution and recognition of healthcare engineering."

Transdplnry Innov Awd

World's Most Influential Leaders Making an Impact in Healthcare, 2023"

World's Leaders Magazine

  • “Pioneering Healthcare Engineering with Transformative Legacy and Visionary Leadership”.

  • “Excellence and Innovation Recognized Globally”.

  • “Empowering Healthcare Innovation”.

  • “influential leadership, innovative contributions, and dedication to advancing healthcare through engineering collaboration".

  • "His work has significantly shaped the landscape of healthcare engineering and improved healthcare outcomes through the application of smart engineering solutions.”

  • "transformative contributions continue to shape the landscape of healthcare engineering, fostering innovation, collaboration, and tangible advancements in patient care."


"Top 10 Eminent Leaders in the US Healthcare Industry 2023"


  • ​“Dr. Chyu's contributions to the field of Healthcare Engineering have not only earned him several prestigious awards and recognitions but also impacted directly and indirectly the lives of millions of people.”

  • “His innovative programs and platforms have revolutionized the field, facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration and driving advancements in healthcare through engineering.”

  • “As healthcare continues to evolve, Dr. Chyu's vision and leadership will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping the industry's future.”

  • “His contributions have already had a far-reaching impact, and there is no doubt that they will continue to do so for years to come.”

  • “Dr. Chyu serves as an inspiration to engineers everywhere, demonstrating how technical excellence, vision, and leadership can make a lasting and meaningful impact on society.”

Thought Leader

"Thought Leadership Award"

The CEO Views

  • "Widely regarded as the ‘Father of Healthcare Engineering,’ Dr. Chyu has dedicated his life in improving and advancing all aspects of healthcare through engineering, by pushing the boundaries of innovation to bridge the gap between healthcare and engineering."

  • "His commitment to creating a positive and lasting change in the field makes him an exemplary thought leader."

  • "Dr. Chyu has a relentless pursuit of staying ahead of the curve and reshaping the industry by applying engineering practices across different realms of healthcare."

  • "an exemplary visionary and dynamic leader".

World's 10 Most Influential Eng Leades

World’s 10 Most Influential Engineering and Technology Leaders in 2023

World's Leaders Magazine (cover story)

  • “Innovation that Inspires“

  • “The legacy of Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu is one of innovative thinking, leadership, and steadfast commitment to advancing healthcare via engineering.”

  • “His impact is unrestricted, and his work will continue to affect healthcare engineering for many years to come.”

  • “It is unusual for Dr. Chyu as an engineering professor to win those prestigious awards in Healthcare from three global professional magazines.”

Busness Fame

"The Most Influential Leaders Across the Globe"

The Business Fame Magazine (cover story)

  • "His visionary work has earned him global recognition as a pioneer in Healthcare Engineering, often revered as the 'Father of Healthcare Engineering'."

  • "As the Founding President of HEALS, his leadership has galvanized a global community of engineers, healthcare experts, and students dedicated to effecting positive change in healthcare delivery, administration, and technology."

Chiefs Digest

"Most Influential Leader in Engineering & Technology USA"

The Chief's Digest (cover story)

  • "Dr. Chyu's journey has been characterized by a passion for helping people and finding innovative ways to address unmet needs in the healthcare industry."

  • "Dr. Chyu has helped thousands of students make their careers in the healthcare industry."


"World's Visionary Leaders Making a Difference"

World's Leaders Magazine (cover story)

  • "The programs and platforms Dr. Chyu established not only facilitate advancing healthcare through engineering and promote collaboration involving almost all areas of engineering and healthcare, but also help engineering students and young engineers succeed in the healthcare industry."

  • "His seminal works have served and will continue to serve as the cornerstone for the development of Healthcare Engineering as a field of specialty for years to come."

  • "Considering his long list of outstanding pioneering and continued contributions to the field, we concur with the other media sources that Dr. Chyu deserves the title of the Pioneer or the Father of Healthcare Engineering."


"Transformational Business Leaders of the Year"

EXELEON MAGAZINE (cover story)

  • "A transformational leader in every right, Dr. Chyu spearheads over 15,000 members and followers, in a quest to bridge the gap between healthcare and engineering, advancing the industry, and promoting collaborative and innovative exchanges between the two domains."

  • "Dr. Chyu paved the way for engineering professors and researchers to connect with clinicians to make sure their inventions can really benefit patient outcomes."

  • "Dr. Chyu has made significant contributions to helping engineering students and young engineers succeed in healthcare industry and helping healthcare industry recruit qualified engineers."

CIO Today

"Most Influential Leaders in Healthcare in the US"

CIO TODAY (cover story)

  • “Dr. Chyu may have already secured a historical position in the development of healthcare engineering.”

  • “With almost two decades of experience, he has played a pivotal role in facilitating the healthcare industry to integrate new technology and bridging the gap between healthcare and engineering. He has also helped popularize a unique class of engineers who dedicate their expertise to improving healthcare.”

  • “Healthcare Engineering is now gaining more traction in both healthcare and engineering communities and much of the credit for this has to go to Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu.”

  • “It would not be a stretch to call him the rightful Father of Healthcare Engineering as he has done more for the field in the last 15 years than anyone has in a lifetime.”

  • “His definition and contributions will continue to serve as the cornerstone for developing this unique and ground-breaking sector.”


"Most Visionary Education Leader in the US"

Enterprise World (cover story)

  • "Dr. Chyu has been leading the learning curve, fostering innovation, and breaking boundaries by bridging the gap between two very important fields: Engineering and Healthcare."

  • "Based on our research, Dr. Chyu is one of very few educators who have demonstrated a record of taking on the challenge to break the boundaries and make contributions with widespread, profound, and long-lasting impacts on a very important area outside their own specialty."

CIO Bulletn Insp Leaders

"The Best Inspiring Leaders of the Year"


  • “Impacting healthcare and engineering professionals, students, and the industry through tireless work and unmatched dedication”

  • “Leading Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society to impact the way care is provided globally”

  • “Educating the future generation of engineers to solve healthcare problems and drive innovation”

  • “Generating ideas to change the future”


"Innovation Excellence Award"

Success Knocks Magazine

  • "Innovation of Broad and Profound Impacts"

  • "HEALS' success is due to the constant connection and learning from numerous specialists who can offer valuable advice and exciting ideas. The team will keep reaching out and talking to healthcare and engineering authorities with a clear vision to develop fresh ideas to revolutionize Healthcare Engineering and better serve the healthcare community through engineering."

Silicon Review

"30 Most Inspiring Leaders to Watch in the US"

Silicon Review

  • “Dr. Chyu has made significant contributions to helping engineering students and young engineers succeed in the healthcare industry, and helping the healthcare industry recruit qualified engineers.”

10 Most Innovative Healthcare Leaders

"10 Most Innovative Healthcare Leaders to Watch
in the World"

Corporate Leaders Magazine (cover story)


Most Influential Companies

"Most Influential Companies & Organizations of the Year" 


  • “Improving and advancing all aspects of healthcare through engineering approaches and methods”

  • “Enabling innovation growth in the healthcare engineering sector”

Future Edcation

 "The Most Visionary Education Leaders" 

Future Education Magazine (cover story)

  • “Dr. Chyu began his quest to prepare engineering students and engineers for positions in healthcare and assist healthcare professionals apply engineering to address healthcare problems in an effort to bridge the gap between engineering and healthcare.”

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