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HEALS organizes conferences that are designed to help members stay current on the latest advances in Healthcare Engineering, and bring together professionals to share ideas and learn from experts on myriad topics for continuously improving Healthcare through Engineering approaches. HEALS’s premiere event is its HEALS Annual Conference & Expo.



Bridging the gap between Engineering and Healthcare


There is a need of more exchange between Engineering and Healthcare communities. Although several Engineering societies do host some events in healthcare-related areas, participation from Healthcare communities is usually low. As a risk of lack of communication, the work performed by Engineers may not precisely address Healthcare issues, may be of little use to Healthcare professionals, and may not benefit patients. On the other hand, Healthcare personnel may waste time working on issues that could have been easily solved by existing Engineering tools. We are committed to bridging the gap by hosting joint conferences, workshops, webinars, special journal issues, etc., involving matching Engineering and Healthcare organizations, on topics such as Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience, Mechanical Engineering and Surgery, Chemical Engineering and Diabetes, Industrial Engineering and Healthcare Management, Computer Science and Electronic Health Record. An emphasis is on collaborative research between Engineering and Healthcare researchers. Our Conference Committee is appointed for organizing such events.


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