Healthcare User Rating and Review Inquiry (HURRI) provides 

of global network of professionals with the support and technical information through organized regional chapters around the world. Regional chapters help to build local Healthcare Engineering communities that are a vital part of energizing HEALS and maintaining HEALS's premier global leadership in advancing the field of Healthcare Engineering.  Specific functions of regional chapters are: 

  • to benefit members through face-to-face meetings on a regular basis and networking with local peers and experts,

  • to help members succeed in Healthcare career, 

  • to provide opportunities of continuing education, seminars, facility tours, leadership skills development and community involvement, and

  • to promote the awareness of Healthcare Engineering as a profession that makes a difference to local Healthcare.


We support interested Healthcare professionals to organize regional chapters, as well as interested student leaders and faculty members to organize student chapters on campuses. Please contact us for more information.

- Inspiring engineering minds to advance human health

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