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HEALS administers awards including monetary prizes, certificates, plaques, medals, honoraria, and invited lectures.  

  • Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society Award - Honors eminent Healthcare Engineers for career accomplishments and service to society. 

  • Healthcare Engineering Research Award- Honors eminent Healthcare Engineering researchers for major breakthroughs. 

  • Industry Leadership Award - Recognizes individuals or teams working in the Healthcare Industry for leadership and accomplishment in activities including: management; sales and marketing; public, community, and industrial relations; commercial and business development, training, or public service.

  • More awards to be announced.



In addition, we offer scholarships and travel awards to encourage students to participate in Healthcare Engineering research, internship, and conference activities. Scholarship amount awarded will vary depending on an applicant’s:

  • Academic standing

  • Scholarship application essay

  • Project proposal

  • Resumé

  • Financial need (optional)  



Scholarship application deadline is May 1 each year. More details to come.



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