Healthcare problem, 

engineering solution.

Engineering breakthrough, 

healthcare advancement.

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Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society (HEALS) is a global organization focusing on improving and advancing all aspects of healthcare through engineering approaches and methods, bridging the gap between healthcare and engineering, preparing engineering students and engineers for jobs in healthcare, and helping healthcare professionals apply engineering to solve healthcare problems. See more.....

Healthcare Engineering covers engineering involved in all aspects of healthcare. See definition, topics, jobs, synergy, and more. 

Q: How is Healthcare Engineering different from Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Healthcare Systems Engineering?



Medical Device NetThe most powerful and user-friendly search engine that covers every medical device cleared/approved by US FDA (more than 200,000 devices), and connects buyers/users to manufacturers. See more....

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Engineering Jobs in Healthcare - The only website dedicated to engineering/technology jobs in healthcare. Engineers from almost all disciplines are in demand in healthcare, particularly chemical, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Job seekers can submit qualifications and job preferences at no charge, and healthcare industry employers can post job opportunities at no charge. We will match the right persons to the right jobs. 





Short courses - Innovative short course platform to prepare engineers, healthcare professionals and students from all engineering/healthcare disciplines for engineering jobs in healthcare. Design your own short course and learn only cutting-edge engineering/technology knowledge that the healthcare industry employers need. See sample curriculum and sample topics.

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Online communities - Join hundreds of HEALS online communities to connect, engage, network, interact, and share cutting-edge information and insights with professionals all over the world, on topics as broad as Artificial intelligence for healthcare, Surgical robot, 3D printing for healthcare, and Electronic health record, to Nanomedicine for cancer, Big data for cardiovascular disease, to topics as specific as Intramedullary fixation, Antimicrobial susceptibility testing systems, and Stereotaxic instrument.

Certificates Help engineers and healthcare professionals expand career opportunities from engineering to healthcare or vice versa, and gain cutting-edge knowledge, skills and tools in Healthcare Engineering.

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Internship - HEALS provides an internship clearinghouse aiming to match engineering student interns with healthcare employers.