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 Healthcare Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, & Bioengineering


By definition, Healthcare Engineering covers Engineering involved in all aspects of Healthcare.  The primary area of Healthcare Engineering is Engineering for Healthcare intervention. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (USDHHS) defines "Healthcare intervention" as "Any type of treatment, preventive care, or test that a person could take or undergo to improve health or to help with a particular problem." USDHHS further specifies that Healthcare interventions include drugs, foods, supplements, vaccinations, screening tests, exercises, hospital treatment, and certain kinds of care (such as physical therapy).  


Since biomedicine is part of Healthcare, Biomedical Engineering is part of Healthcare Engineering.  Healthcare industry needs engineers from almost all engineering disciplines, such as Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, and Systems Engineering. Biomedical Engineering (the medical sector of Bioengineering) plays a very important role in healthcare; however, the majority of the engineers working in Healthcare do not have a Biomedical Engineering degree, and there are far more jobs in healthcare for non-Biomedical Engineers than for Biomedical Engineers.  Healthcare Engineering is therefore a more comprehensive and appropriate term from the standpoint of non-Biomedical Engineers working in Healthcare, and can thus encourage and attract more Engineering students, professionals, and researchers to participate and to serve Healthcare.  We believe involvement and contributions by more Engineers from all Engineering disciplines can better improve healthcare and benefit the human society.


Biomedicine is part of Healthcare.

Biomedical industry is part of Healthcare industry.

Biomedical Engineering is part of Healthcare Engineering.



Definition of Healthcare Industry (Mosby's Medical Dictionary):

The complex of preventive, remedial, and therapeutic services provided by hospitals and other institutions, nurses, doctors, dentists, medical administrators, government agencies, voluntary agencies, noninstitutional care facilities, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers, and health insurance companies. 



Healthcare engineers are needed in: 


Medical device manufacturers

Biomedical companies

Healthcare information technology industry

Healthcare consulting firms

Healthcare construction companies

Pharmaceutical companies

Nursing homes

Diagnostic laboratories

Healthcare research institutes, etc.

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