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HEALS keeps memebrs updated, as Healthcare industries change, with a diverse and reliable set of publications including magazines, journals, books, proceedings, etc. These publications will be offered to members at substantial discounts or as a benefit. 



Journal of Healthcare Engineering

(SCI, Web of Science, PubMed, Engineering Index, SCOPUS)



Editor-in-chief: Prof. Ming-Chien Chyu, PhD, PE



The Journal of Healthcare Engineering is an international peer-reviewed journal publishing fundamental and applied research on all aspects of engineering involved in healthcare delivery processes and systems. It provides a vehicle for the exchange of advanced knowledge, emerging technologies and innovative ideas among healthcare engineering researchers, engineers, managers and consultants around the world. The journal encompasses biomedical engineering (devices, equipment, procedures, software), healthcare information technology, distance healthcare, healthcare facilities and infrastructure, healthcare environment management, improvement of healthcare delivery systems, healthcare safety, elderly care, public health and epidemiology, healthcare policy and social issues. Authors are encouraged to submit papers based on analytical, computational, experimental and clinical research, state of the art reviews, conceptual and theoretical developments and designs.


Visit journal website for more details including instructions to authors and contents.





  • Big Data in Healthcare

  • 3D Printing for Healthcare

  • Wearable Devices for Healthcare

  • Advances in Lab-on-a-Chip

  • dvances in Telemedicine

  • Advances in Medical Robots

  • Advances in Engineering for Drug Delivery

  • Advances in Engineering for Respiratory Disease

  • Advances in Prostheses



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