We are committed to serving the following groups related to Healthcare Engineering: 

  • Healthcare and Engineering communities,

  • professionals, researchers, educators and students,

  • industry, academia and government,

  • employees and employers.



Our service goals are:

  • To prepare Engineers and Engineering students for jobs in Healthcare. 

  • To prepare Healthcare professionals and students for jobs in Healthcare Engineering.

  • To provide Engineering and Healthcare professionals high-quality continuing education opportunities in the field of Healthcare Engineering. 

  • To keep members abreast of new advances in Healthcare Engineering.

  • To facilitate networking among members. 




Specifically, we provide the following services to our members:

  • Online Community - Join the HEALS Online Community to connect, engage, network, and collaborate in a spectrum of activities with Healthcare Engineering professionals all over the world.  

  • Certification - HEALS promotes the Healthcare Engineering profession through certification of qualified Healthcare Engineers, that helps to develop a successful career in Healthcare.

  • Continuing education - HEALS offers a variety of continuing education options, including online and onsite courses, to keep Healthcare professionals abreast of advances in Engineering and Technology.

  • Conferences and events - HEALS hosts conferences and events aiming at bridging the gap between Healthcare and Engineering, and improving Healthcare through Engineering approaches. 

  • Publications - HEALS keeps members updated with a diverse and reliable set of publications including magazines, journals, books, proceedings, etc.

  • Awards and Scholarships - HEALS administers awards for outstanding contributions to all fields of Healthcare Engineering, as well as scholarships to qualified students. 

- Inspiring engineering minds to advance human health

Notice of Liability

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